4 Pieces of Technology for Better Classroom Engagement

4 Pieces of Technology for Better Classroom Engagement

Educators know the challenge of keeping students engaged, especially when there are so many distractions available in our ever-connected world. That’s why technology is being adapted for K-12 classrooms in a way that makes learning and teaching more accessible and enjoyable. You deserve to have fun in class, too. If you’re wondering how you can invest in your classroom during the upcoming school year, you may want to consider one (or all) of these four educational technology picks.

Unfortunately, school funding for better technology still isn’t up to par, so teachers have to pay out-of-pocket for their tools and resources. Some tech can get expensive, which is why it’s important to plan your investment early. You can explore several options, including credit cards and online personal loans from private lenders. These make it easier to manage the cost, so you can start improving your students’ experience as soon as possible.

Interactive Projector

Transform your presentations into memorable experiences with an interactive projector like the Touchjet Pond. Rather than simply pointing to pictures and hoping students don’t get bored, you can involve them in the process. Interactive lessons transform your classroom’s walls, floors and even the ceiling into a blank canvas. The projector runs on Android OS, so it’s easy for you to stream games, movies and other material easily.


Smartboards are designed to replace the traditional blackboard and make the learning experience more visual and hands-on. Instead of just writing out equations or copying information into their notebooks, a smartboard allows students to create anything they can imagine and share it with the class. A wide range of camera controls and touch-activated features make it much easier to keep students’ minds engaged during lessons, especially if you start offering time with the board as an incentive.

Personalized Presentations

Software like Buncee let teachers create custom presentations for their students. These can be watched at home on personal devices. Letting students work at their own pace is important in an inclusive learning space; children of all learning levels need the ability to engage with material in a manner that’s both familiar and fun to them.

Presentation design tools can be bought outright, but most come with a monthly subscription fee. Accessing the service also gives you the ability to customize thousands of ready-made templates for learners of all ages. It’s ideal for teachers who are working with remote learners or want to send students home with more than just worksheets for homework.

Educational Robot Assistant

If there’s one thing that will get kids excited about coming to class, it’s seeing a real robot in the classroom. The Miko 2 is one such example of the kid-friendly robots on the market. It responds to the environment, interacts with students and even picks up on emotional cues. Using an educational robot to help deliver your lessons will undoubtedly boost learner engagement. It’s also a great way to transition into lesson plans around evolving technology. The world is only going to get more advanced, so why not introduce students to robotics and engineering with something fun and relatable?

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