4 Effective Ways To Improve Your Email Deliverability

4 Effective Ways To Improve Your Email Deliverability

To conduct a successful email campaign you need to take a lot of factors into consideration. From email verification to successful deliverability, a veteran digital marketer will make drastic changes to your email campaigns and make them more effective.

We will focus on the aspect of deliverability in this article. And here are a few ways on how to improve it and what to pay attention to. So with all that said, let’s start.

Improve IP Credibility

It’s all about making yourself more trustworthy in the eyes of ISP filters. Every email address has an IP address attached to it. If the ISP deems the IP shady or not credible enough, then do know your letters will go straight down the spam folder.

There are numerous ways to build IP credibility. The best way is to start very slow and send electronic mail to trusted addresses that will open and read the emails. This will help with email verification. The whole point of verifying your email address is for ISP filters and monitors to brand your email address as trustworthy. This will make sure your e-letters get sent to your customers’ inboxes rather than spam folders.

Make Sure Customers Want To Sign Up To Your Mailing List

The whole point of a mailing list is to give your readers the option to willingly receive letters from your business. If one of your customers decides to receive emails for promotions, discounts, and news, then they’ll willingly give their address to you.

But simply signing up isn’t enough anymore. You need to make it so they know they’ve signed up. This is called a confirmation opt-in. After subscribing to your mailing list, make sure to send the customer a confirmation email that they have indeed done just that.

You do this to improve email deliverability. If we look at it long-term, there isn’t a better way to make sure your readers will read your content than to send an opt-in. And in addition, there is always the fact that the more emails your readers open from you, the more it works in your favor in terms of email verification.

Make It Easy To Unsubscribe

The golden rule of mailing lists is to make it easy for your readers to unsubscribe from your mailing list. This isn’t something you should do out of the kindness of your heart, but it is mandatory by the CAN-SPAM Act.

If you don’t give your readers the option to unsubscribe, then that will hinder your email verification cause and make you far less trustworthy in the eyes of ISP spam filters.

But simply giving them the option to unsubscribe isn’t enough. You have to make it very easy to do that; with only a single click.

Maintain A Clean List

The more people open your mailing list, the better your email verification is. If people suddenly stop opening your electronic mail, that can lower your trustworthy rank in the eyes of ISPs.

Thus, you shouldn’t prioritize having the biggest mailing list but having the cleanest. As a general rule, you should remove addresses that haven’t opened your emails in the past six months. As much as you like having them on it, these addresses work against your efforts.

It’s better to have a much smaller list consisting of addresses that frequently open and read your emails. This will improve email deliverability, improve email verification, and reduce the chances of your emails going into the spam folder.


There are many ways to improve email deliverability. These 4 ways are certainly proven to work, but many more exist out there. What’s important is to always focus on quality as opposed to quantity. So if you want to improve this aspect of your marketing efforts, do take these tips into account.

Cristina Macias
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