3 Online Gaming Niches Boosted with BTC

3 Online Gaming Niches Boosted with BTC

Cryptocurrency in general, and Bitcoin as one of the first and most popular cryptocurrencies in particular, started to change the global markets, and continue doing so as time goes. Many markets have already experienced disruption caused by the innovations brought in together with crypto. Even big industries, such as financial services (obviously!), retail, education, etc., have experienced huge changes in payment and safety approaches, and many companies had to quickly adapt their approaches in order to simply stay afloat. This is actually one of the reasons why many countries are still reluctant to allow cryptocurrencies as officially accepted currencies, in an attempt to protect their big industries that are often so conservative and therefore so vulnerable to any innovations.

On the other hand, there are many niches that have been boosted with the help of digital currencies, even other big industries like real estate, online payments, and remittance businesses. And of course there are online purely niches, too, that have experienced huge growth, and considerable improvement in user experience, after they started accepting BTC for payments. If you would like to know which niches are to continue their development without the risk of being disrupted by the further evolution of the digital currencies and blockchain technology, or you would like to improve your user experience in some of your activities, check these niches out!

Online Casino Games 

As soon as the technologies have adapted, and deposits, withdrawals, and bets in BTC became possible at online casinos, online gambling has literally skyrocketed. Making transactions to and from a bitcoin casino in digital currencies is way more beneficial that in fiat currencies. Transactions in BTC are fast (often immediate), in contrast to the majority of other banking methods available at web casinos. Opening an e-wallet for a digital currency is fast and easy – again, in contrast to bank accounts, plastic cards, or even buying prepaid vouchers – and if you need to store a really big sum of money, you can even get yourself a cold storage device, and protect your funds properly. The transactions are anonymous, but at the same time, they are totally transparent, and no fraudulent casino sites can reverse or refund your payouts.

Moreover, due to the fluctuations on the cryptocurrency markets, betting and winning in BTC at online casinos can be extremely profitable, without any additional effort but playing favourite games. All these benefits provided by the BTC gambling attracted many experienced gamblers to crypto casinos online, and as a result, the niche has seen a major boost overall.

Video Gaming Services

Video gaming services niche has also been boosted considerably after cryptocurrencies became available for payments, subscriptions, and fees. Obviously, payments became safer and more reliable, as in the case with online casino gambling. Also, many online gaming services are somewhat limited in offering a wide range of payment options. While at web casinos, banking is one of the key aspects as the transactions move back and forth all the time, video games streaming services only offer a bunch of methods and that’s all.

As a result, many players are left with a handful of inconvenient or expensive banking services, and this is especially true for players living in foreign countries (in regards to the country of the service) where big international payment services are less available. Cryptocurrencies have changed this situation to the better, and the niche has immediately experienced a boost.

However, subscription fees for gaming services are not the only one aspect that was boosted by the introduction of crypto in this niche. Such in-game activities like buying and selling skins and weapons, or rendering services within the game (like killer, guide, etc.), are now easier and faster due to the BTC. Players from different jurisdictions, regardless of their local currencies or available banking methods, can transfer money or pay for each other’s services in the game quickly and securely. As a result, gaming engagement grows, and gaming services become even more attractive to the players.

Digital Arts

Digital arts of all kinds have benefitted from the introduction of Bitcoin, and this is especially seen lately. Due to the nature of the Internet, in the previous years the majority of artists, musicians, and entertainers suffered both being underpaid because there were little ways of paying for the art, and their author’s rights being violated. As soon as BTC and other cryptocurrencies became available for payments, the artists and art platforms made it possible for people from all over the world to buy pieces of art, or support their favourite artists and entertainers, online, without the need of facing limitations of the conventional banking systems. This way, BTC facilitates even the niche of arts.

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