What Tech Improvements Can We Expect From Games Developers?

What Tech Improvements Can We Expect From Games Developers?

Long ago, touch-screen phones seemed like distant future technology we will never get our hands on. Nowadays, these devices are a common occurrence as technology has advanced much faster than anyone could have anticipated.

What’s more, technology has entered all the important spheres of our lives, and it doesn’t seem as if its progress will stall. Those touch-screen mobile devices are now part of our everyday life that we use to pay our bills, order things online, and even play casino slot games.

One of the biggest changes is connected to casino games, especially slots. Now, we can clearly spot tiny technological improvements made over the years. Those games we initially played on machines in bingo halls and poker rooms have moved online and multiplied over and over again thanks to creative software developers.

So far, we’ve seen slots cover various themes, come with improved graphics, extra features, and become better in many other ways. Yet, one can’t help but wonder: how far can we go regarding online casino slots tech improvements?

AR and VR Are Becoming a Reality

Every person who has had at least one look at a classic slot machine can tell you how it works. After all, real money casino slots are made simple with the purpose of attracting all sorts of players, allowing almost anyone to give them a try.

Slots went a long way from one-armed bandits found only in casino venues to easy online games presented in numerous forms and shapes on every online casino platform. As we’ve mentioned, their many aspects improved over time, including themes, graphics, audio effects, special features, and bonuses, but the game’s essence remained the same.

Then, 3D technology arrived and made software providers consider raising the bar and moving online slot games to the next level. The idea was that 3D slots would make the whole online gaming experience even more immersive, triggering players to stick longer.

You know you’re getting a 2D picture if you have an average PC, laptop, or smartphone. For this reason, game developers need to think bigger and introduce AR and VR to well-known platforms like the popular UK online casino & gambling site, ICE36.

Although AR and VR implementation in slots is still not a trend among software providers, it will definitely become one. As more people manage to purchase the necessary tech gadgets, they’ll have access to these high-quality games.

Improved Protocols for Security and Fairness

While online casinos make it easy for players to access their favorite slot titles, they also represent one of the greatest risks one can take online. We are not only talking about the possibility of losing money fair and square as a consequence of taking chances but about fraudulent platforms that don’t have players’ best interests at heart.

Yet, offering any product or service online makes it easily accessible to thousands of people. So, if anyone notices an operator doesn’t treat them fairly, they will spread the word out.

That is why we can definitely expect online slot developers to improve their tools for ensuring fairness and randomness of games. At the moment, most online slots are powered by RNG, which third-party agencies regularly test. However, the providers may develop a new method that could further ensure online slots available on gaming sites are not rigged in any way.

Will Land-Based Venues Fight Back?

Online slots are now way more popular than land-based machines, no doubt about that. However, considering the fact brick-and-mortar casinos will remain popular for years to come, it would be silly to think that game developers behind real-time slot machines won’t try to fight back.

Some developers have already started making plans to create even better slot machines by activating all players’ senses. Perhaps new slot machines that proudly stand in land-based casinos will start resembling those 5D movie experiences. You might even get to feel different smells and see symbols fly towards you fast as lightning.

Even if game developers decide to go in other directions, they will undoubtedly try to improve slot machines and recover their former glory.

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