Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Qualified New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Qualified New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

New York City is big; it is home to millions of residents. It is also flocked by thousands of tourists and business travelers who visit the city for various reasons. In such a densely packed city, busy and bustling streets are a common sight, and so are road accidents – courtesy of congestion and traffic.  Source

In many collisions, pedestrians are at a greater risk of getting injured, or worse, killed. Victims may even develop long-term health issues or permanent disabilities. It is because pedestrians have no safety measures and are at risk of severe injuries even if the vehicle collides with them at a low speed. On the other hand, the person in the automobile is under a shield of metal and other safety equipment like seat belts and airbags.

If you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident due to the negligence of another person, you must get compensation for your loss. A qualified New York pedestrian accident attorney can help you with this.

In the blog below, let us see why you should hire a pedestrian accident attorney –

Why Hire a Qualified New York Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

●           To Determine Fault

Before filing in the case, you need to know who was at fault – you or the driver? If an insurance company or court finds that you were negligent, they can refuse the compensation.

Were you crossing or walking in the street or road unlawfully or without following the traffic rules? Were you distracted because of any reason – looking at buildings around, talking on cell phones – at the time of walking?  If you nodded yes, you are sharing the fault.

However, if the driver was negligent and was driving at high speed, they were at the fault. If they made an unlawful turn, failed to apply brakes, or acted unlike a responsible driver, you can get the relevant compensation for your loss.

However, you need strong evidence to prove the fault or negligence of the driver. It is where the role of pedestrian accident attorney comes in. They take the help of testimony, medical tests, and evidence taken from the accident spot to determine the fault of the accident. It helps you receive the compensation conveniently.

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, your attorney looks for the following possible reasons to determine fault:

  1. If the driver of the motor vehicle was negligent in their driving

  2. If other pedestrians or vehicle drivers created a situation that you and the vehicle driver were forced to avoid

  3. If the condition of a government entity like the roads or sidewalks were not proper

  4. If the transport authorities fail to maintain the proper working of traffic signals or other signs

  5. After determining the fault, the attorney prepares for your case and decides further actions

●           Assess the Damages Accurately

In New York City, victims of pedestrian accidents underestimate the amount required for medical care. They demand too low compensation from the party at the fault. As a result, the victim has to pay most of the expenses from their pocket.

A pedestrian accident lawyer prevents this misfortune. They review the actual condition of your injuries and assess the damage accordingly. They are into the profession and know how to do the assessment accurately.

●           Decide the Best for You

The negotiation process with insurance officials is not easy. There is the involvement of bargaining and back and forth offers and counteroffers. A pedestrian accident lawyer understands the realistic picture of your case, knowing the strengths and loopholes of it. They deal with every negotiation effectively, even if the case goes to the jury.

Statistics show that a victim who hires a pedestrian accident attorney to represent its case is more likely to get higher compensation in court as compared to those who represent themselves. It is because it is their job to comprehend whether the offer made by the insurance company is profitable or you can get better compensation if the case goes to trial, looking at the strengths of your case.

Factors an Attorney Consider for Compensation

The compensation paid to the pedestrian in New York depends on several factors:

  1. The cost of medical treatment of the victim
  2. The impact of injuries on their ability to work
  3. The mental trauma they face due to the injuries
  4. The effect on their quality of life due to injuries
  5. The terms of the auto insurance policy of the party at fault

Jonathan C. Reiter represents injured pedestrians and pursues compensation for their:

  1. Medical treatment expenses
  2. Rehabilitative costs
  3. Lost wages
  4. Loss of earnings in future
  5. Physical pain and suffering
  6. Mental trauma
  7. Loss of enjoyment of life
  8. Reduction in quality of life
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