Tips for UAE Visitors to Stay Back & Experience during Ramadan

Tips for UAE Visitors to Stay Back & Experience during Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims all over the world. It is a time for prayers and fasting when Muslims commemorate the Quran’s revelation to the Prophet Muhammad. In this month, Muslims do not take any food or drink from dawn to dusk and only break their fast with fruits during sunset. Ramadan is an amazing time to visit the UAE and experience the land’s Islamic traditions. There are several other things that visitors can enjoy, and understanding the local culture will help you in this regard. In this article, you will learn about some essential tips that can help tourists to enjoy their UAE trip during Ramadan.

How do you greet people?

The general way of greeting people during Ramadan is to say “Ramadan Kareem” and “Ramadan Mubarak.” You can easily mix with the locals and participate in their traditions with this polite greeting.

Food and beverages

You have to respect local traditions during Ramadan with respect to eating or drinking in public. It is completely prohibited to eat, drink, smoke and even chew gum in public during the holy month, and violators can face fines of around $ 500 and even get a jail sentence. You should eat within your hotel room during the day. A lot of restaurants are actually completely closed during the day and open only after sunset. However, some restaurants do open during the day for tourists. But, you have to sit inside for your meal.

With regards to alcohol, the UAE authorities have relaxed the rules only recently, and you can find some bars and restaurants serving alcohol during the day too. You can find a lot of cinema theatres, theme parks and even malls where there are specific areas in which non-fasters and tourists can find food and beverages.

Work timing

During Ramadan, work hours and school timings are short compared to the rest of the year. These begin late in the morning and continue till mid-afternoon. Normal working hours are lesser by up to 2 hours during Ramadan, which means the work timing comes to around 6 hours. In general, both non Muslim and Muslim employees can avail these benefits. The short work hours are not just reserved for government employees and private enterprises but may also extend to small businesses. A lot of malls also follow these guidelines. But there are plenty of bazaars and market places where shops remain open till midnight. These are usually in popular tourist spots. However, you should check out the shop timings before you plan on visiting there. And it would be very easy if you prefer online shopping where there will not be any time limit and you can also benefit by using online coupons & discount codes. You can use the Gap Promo code to get great discounts while shopping in the UAE.

Malls and Theme parks

There are several malls, parks, landmarks and major attractions which remain open throughout the day. But these are largely empty. Hence, you can avoid facing large crowds in these areas. Hence, Ramadan is the best time to visit the UAE. Additionally, Ramadan is not a traditional tourist season because it is hot at this time, and hence, you can really avoid the tourist rush and enjoy everything peacefully. However, things change after sunset when Muslims venture out and break their fast. You will experience a rush at this time and traffic may become quite chaotic. You should reserve your table in case you plan on dining out at night.

During this holy season, you will also get the chance to see UAE transform from a robust, vibrant place to a quiet, deserted region during the mornings and then to a joyful place after sunset. You can visit malls during the evening to see numerous dance and music performances. As you would like to stay long for Ramadan you can get price reductions on your staycation. So, to avail this staycation offer you can visit Klook online site to enjoy amazing discounts by using Klook Promo Code.

General public behaviour

Remember Ramadan is a holy month, and you should respect local traditions. Do not play loud music as this can offend fasters. Loud music is completely prohibited during Ramadan. You can however, wear headphones when you are outside.

Also, you should make efforts to dress in a conservative manner during Ramadan. Although UAE is quite lenient and modern, yet you should avoid wearing short and tight clothes. Wear dresses that cover you from the shoulders to the knees.

A great time for amazing meal

As Ramadan is very special festival in UAE, where people fast in the holy month and also prepare delicious meals. As it involves lot of grocery shopping you can get exciting discounts on all your grocery purchases at NowNow online store.SO, make sure to apply NowNow coupon code at checkout page to get instant discount on all your grocery order. And break you fast with mouth-watering dishes at budget-friendly prices.


The UAE is a great tourist destination. You should definitely consider visiting the place during Ramadan as there are plenty of activities to experience. You will also be able to avoid crowds and experience the local culture freely. You will also great discounts when you shop in the bazaars. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you.

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