Tips and Tricks for Radiation Protection - How to Protect Yourself from Radiation?

Tips and Tricks for Radiation Protection – How to Protect Yourself from Radiation?

We now live in a world where radiation technology is everywhere. From smoke detectors to microwaves, we are now dependent on radiation in one way or another. Usually, radiation is risk-free if it is used with the right safety equipment; however, there is still a chance for toxic radiation to occur in various forms of ways. Therefore, everyone must learn about radiation protection. One of the most dangerous forms of the radiation source is when radioactive materials start to slowly leak from the nuclear missiles that are submerged or forgotten.

The most unfortunate fact about radiation is that it is not visible to the naked eye of a human. In such circumstances what we can do is to ensure that the principles of radiation protection are carried out properly to ensure the safety of everyone.

How to Protect Yourself from Radiation?

Protect Airways

When someone is exposed to radiation the airways are usually the first organs to get exposed. Hence, to protect the airways use gas masks, goggles, and gloves for radiation protection. These tools can even come in handy when full-body protection is not available

Reduce Exposure Time

The shorter the exposure time, the less affected you will be. In case of radiation exposure, quickly get to a place of safety and discard everything that you were wearing at the time of exposure. Immediately take a shower to ensure that the time of exposure is reduced.

Distance Yourself

The exposed person must distance himself as far away as possible from the radiation source.  It depends on the size of the events but radiation exposure can happen for several miles around the area. Even if you are in rose it is suggested that you should stay away from doors, windows, or even walls to maximize the distance.


For radiation protection, shielding is an important principle. To minimize the effects of radiation, it is recommended to have bunkers and a basement that are lined with materials that prevent the hazardous radioactive elements from getting through the walls, windows, or doors. The golden standard of shielding for radiation protection is lead.  The high density of lead prevents all radiations especially gamma rays from penetrating through.

To protect yourself from radiation in the long run, many factors are to be considered. Check the radiation levels in the surrounding area, regularly so that you may not develop any type of cancer. Suitable measures should be taken by anyone who is surrounded by radiation no matter how safe it is.

Since the presence of radioactive resources has become unavoidable for certain industries and types of equipment. Safety measures must be taken by utilizing modern technology and educating everyone as much as possible about the hazardous effects that radiation exposures may cause. Not only do the medical staff and frontline workers require radiation protection but it is also crucial for the people living in areas that fall under the radar of radiation exposure. Every individual must take adequate measures to protect themselves and the people around them from sources of radiation.

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