The rise of mobile gaming

The rise of mobile gaming

Smartphones is becoming faster and have bigger screens, this is probably nothing new you have heard but it has led to more and more online casino players using their mobile devices to play “on-the-go”. If we just look back a couple of years, then most gamblers at online casinos played on a computer, but now we are seeing an increased trend and a shift in how we play at online casinos.

This change has led to the developers of online casino games to change the foundation of their games. For a long time Adobe Flash was used to develop the games, but this system had its limitations, since it wasn’t available on all browsers and on all devices. But this have changed where online casino games now are being developed in HTML5, HTML5 is available on all browsers and on all devices, a further plus is that there I no need to download extra programs, as was the case with Adobe Flash. The Flash system is also being discontinued at the end of 2020 and is already not available on most browsers.

But it is not only “on-the-go” that we see an increased trend in mobile gaming we are also seeing it even if we have a stationary computer available, for example we saw this under the height of the corona pandemic back in march, we could for example look at the Italian mobile gaming market, where they saw a 15% increase in gaming on mobile.

The rise of mobile gaming has also led to the birth of some casino who is only available on mobile phones, and most of the casinos out there will either have an app now, or their site will be optimized for mobile phones.

Cristina Macias
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