The Best App to Monitor Kids’ Screen Time

The Best App to Monitor Kids’ Screen Time

Monitoring screen time is essential to your kids’ health and online safety. In today’s world it isn’t as easy as allowing only X hours per day for your children. Most parents will no doubt agree that a screen time app should be installed on their children’s phones. You will also need to follow these best practices.

Ways to Monitor Screen Time and Ensure Online Safety

Communication is Key. Parents should sit down and talk with their children to understand what’s going on in their world. When communication lines are open they will be more receptive and can tell you about their activities.

Set Some Time to Unplug. You may want to put down your devices during mealtimes and an hour before sleeping. Encourage other activities such as reading, painting or playing a board game during tech-free hours.

Use Parental Controls. There’s a wealth of tools parents can use to monitor or keep track of their children’s online activities. Routers, mobile phones, computers and TVs will have settings to block unwanted content.

Install a Screen Time App. Although there are a dozen or so FamiSafe, a few can only be given the title of ‘best’. Famisafe is a top screen time app which offers an all-in-one solution in keeping kids safe from online harm.

How to Use Famisafe Screen Time Tracker

Famisafe can block devices, preset screen time and monitor screen time. Parents can set screen-time on specific devices and monitor online activities via a management dashboard. Starting is easy:

Step 1. Create an account at the Famisafe website

Step 2. Install the Famisafe app on the parent and children’s phone.

Step 3. Go to Screen Time, then Block Device or Set Screen Limit. You can set the start and end time.

Step 4. Press OK and you’ll have a screen time tracker

Famisafe has other useful features, such as real-time location tracking, harmful content detection and screen time statistics to curb addiction.

Famisafe App Pricing

Famisafe has a 3-day free trial so you can test the kid safety features for yourself. After that, the monthly charge is as follows:

Monthly- $9.99 for up to 5 devices

Quarterly- $19.99 on up to 10 devices

Yearly- $59.99 on up to 30 devices


Today is just as good as any to begin monitoring your child’s phone usage. The internet can be a wondrous place but there are some elements that’s best left unseen and unexperienced.


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