Loving Your Pets Longer

Loving Your Pets Longer: Can Supplements Really Improve Their Health?

Pet owners love their cats and dogs, and they want what is best for their fur babies. Understanding the effects of the aging process on their pets shows the pet owners how to address vital concerns. Dietary supplements are a beneficial way to correct conditions that make pets uncomfortable or prevent them from doing the things they love. Exercise is important for all pets, and supplements and proper nutrition can help. Reviewing how supplements can improve a pet’s health shows pet owners why the products are worth it.

Getting Adequate Amounts of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Pet owners purchase dietary supplements to improve their pet’s health and enhance nutrition. Since pet foods don’t provide enough omega-3 fatty acids, pet owners need supplements that contain the fish oils. The products improve joint health and offer incredible heart health benefits. Taking the fish oils every day prevents pets from developing cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, and it improves their skin. Pets with mobility issues improve dramatically when owners increase their pet’s intake of the fish oils. Pet owners can learn more about these supplements through Veterinary Naturals now.

Fight Infections Better

Infections and illnesses take a toll on pets and if the pets are older their immune systems aren’t what they used to be. Supplements to extra vitamin C and D provide help for common illnesses. Zinc and vitamin B6 provide help, too, and make it easier for pets to fight colds and the flu. The combination of ingredients helps older dogs and cats recover faster from infections and illnesses. Reviewing the ingredients in popular products helps pet owners find better choices for their pets and their immune systems.

UTIs are common in dogs and cats, and the illnesses are painful. Bladder control can become an issue for the pets if the infection isn’t treated. Supplements help the medications for UTIs provide critical relief for pets.

Improve Absorption of Vitamins and Minerals

Absorption of proper nutrition are necessary for all pets, and products that contain higher volumes of vitamin C and digestive enzymes help pets break down their foods. The vitamins and enzymes give the pet more time to absorb the mineral in their food and get more energy and sustenance from the foods. Better nutrition helps older dogs avoid more illnesses and diseases. It also keeps them at a healthier body weight. Maintaining a pet’s weight is equally important and prevents the pets from succumbing to serious illnesses related to their weight.

Providing Dietary Fiber

Soluble fiber keeps the dogs and cats more regular and prevents major digestive upsets. If the pet has frequent diarrhea, they are losing nutrients they need to stay healthy. Diarrhea causes pets to become dehydrated, and if it continues, it could place the pet’s life in jeopardy. Dietary supplements that contain adequate fiber prevent loose stools and help pets have more productive bowel movements.

This gives their food more time to digest and allows the pets to get everything they need from their diets. However, it is vital for pet owners to ensure that their pets drink plenty of water if they give the pets fiber as too much fiber without hydration causes intestinal blockages.

Prevent Skin Conditions

Pets develop adverse skin conditions because of a lack of proper grooming, vitamin deficiencies, and parasites. Addressing the known causes for skin issues helps pets find a better choice for their pets. Supplements high in antioxidants and offer a low dose of diatomaceous earth help pets with complex skin rashes, itching, and allergy-based rashes. Parasites such as mange mites can take over the pet’s skin and create painful situations for the pets. Giving the pets proper supplements for their skin protects the skin against pests and parasites. The products also improve the pet’s coat by offering flaxseed oil.

Managing Inflammation in the Joints

Inflammation in the joints prevents pets from doing much of anything. Beneficial supplements for inflammation and pain or discomfort in the joints contain chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. These ingredients eliminate swelling caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis, which develop in older pets and hinder their ability to exercise and get up. Mobility issues prevent pets from getting up to potty and feed themselves. Obvious signs of joint-related issues in dogs and cats start with sudden weight loss and pain when walking or getting up. Dietary supplements can help the pets by managing inflammation and providing pain management.

Advancing Cognitive Function

Cognitive function is improved through dietary supplements, too. Puppies and older dogs for example need supplements that enhance their cognitive abilities. Younger dogs learn quickly, but they might need help remember tricks and exercises on command. Older dogs develop brain conditions that hinder their memory and prevent them from managing daily tasks. The effects on cognitive function are the same in pets as they are in humans, and pet owners must follow necessary steps to improve brain function and their pet’s ability to learn new behaviors.

Increase Energy Levels

Energy levels become lower as the pets age, too, and pet owners need to provide vitamins and dietary supplements to improve these levels. Older pets sleep more because their energy is depleted faster. This hinders their ability to get enough exercise each day and could lead to weight gain. Pet owners provide supplements that offer ingredients for increasing energy levels and endurance. This keeps the pets more active and allows them to improve their heart and respiratory health. Exercise also improves their joint and muscle health and prevents brittle bones as they age.

Pet owners choose products for their cats and dogs that improve their health and offer necessary support. Whether the pets need an enhanced immune system or need better control over their bladder, there are supplements that help them. Dietary aids provide help with memory and cognitive function, and this keeps dogs and cats healthier and happier even than their age. Antioxidants control cellular damage and improve the pet’s health by reducing the impact of the aging process. Inflammation is a common condition that affects pets negatively and prevents them from walking properly. It can also lead to severe pain and discomfort. Pet owners learn more about the supplements and provide better nutrition and enhanced well-being for their pets.

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