Is A Website Necessary For A Podcast?

Is A Website Necessary For A Podcast?

Maybe you have been thinking about making a podcast for a niche that interests you, or perhaps you have a business venture that you have recently started, and you are looking for a way to innovate new routes of engagement and traffic. Discoverability for podcasts is significantly hard, and by making sure that you opt for a website to support your podcast, will certainly make finding it and making conversions of subscribers so much easier.

Even for some of the most specific podcast niches such as tennis sports betting, they too had to create new betting sites for tennis markets, to support their upcoming podcasts. Websites are a technical necessity to any digital marketing initiative, and while they come with difficulties to create sometimes, they come with many effective advantages too. We have listed some of those advantages down below, for you to motivate yourself in making that website!

Provide you footing to being discovered

We all know that starting an online business venture comes with its difficulties, and if you are using your podcast as a way of leveraging engagement, a website gives you that footing in the market to get discovered. Podcast creators will always struggle with getting the constant new audience subscriptions to cover all the episodes within a series, so with cool hacks that websites provide, you can send out subscription personalised mail to your online community to advertise your latest episode release.

If you want to break through the noise of all the thousands of podcasts that already exist, you need to make sure your website, and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram etc. all align. It can be a powerful tool when you use it correctly.

Owning your content

Podcasts niches really do branch out and can be about practically anything. When you give your podcast a foundation of a website, you will have ownership of that topic and your podcast. Websites give authenticity, and a way of compiling a directory of all the episodes that you create. Also, need we even mention SEO? A website can be cleverly connected with digital marketing propositions, to ensure your website and podcast rank for certain keywords associated with your niche. Just with a website, you can be in complete control, it is as simple as that.

Build a community with value

Your website will be an anchor to the value you build around it. Not only will you publish episodes and have a landing page to link them all too, you can manage a blog that is relative to your niche. There you can drip in some information and add valuable content that your community will appreciate, in addition to having a foundation of information that they can always refer back to should they need it. Blog posts are a great way to establish authenticity surrounding your podcast, because google picks them up and gives you brownie points for them. Hey, you can even build other business affiliate avenues, if your blog and podcast manages to have the traffic and numbers that you need!

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