Improve Class Room Learning With Mind Mapping

Improve Class Room Learning With Mind Mapping

Why Mind Mapping Is Effective?

Are you finding it challenging to keep your student’s attention in a classroom? Then an online mind map is exactly what you need. Students of today have become so much used to apps on mobile devices, browsing the internet, using social media platforms, streaming online content, playing games and Skype calls that they get easily bored with traditional ways of learning in a classroom. 

They live at a fast pace, high speed constantly growing digital world, which means as a course instructor, you also have to upgrade your teaching style according to the need of time. One such approach is mind mapping. It helps with learning new concepts more easily and creatively. They are interactive and visually appealing. You start with a central topic and break it down to sub-topics with the help of branches and linking phrases. 

Research has also highlighted that mind mapping helps children recall words and improves their memory by 32%. It helps them in organizing information and presenting it. Mind mapping is found to be very effective while giving presentations since studies show the presenter who used visuals tend to be more accurate and concise in delivering information and helps in stirring the audience’s interest compared to those who don’t use it. 

4 Ways to Improve Classroom Learning

  1. Promotes Creativity and Focus: Mind Mapping helps students in expressing themselves creatively compared to making a to-do list or linear note-taking which becomes word-heavy and boring. Mind maps allow students to connect with their work because there is no formal structure to follow while making maps, they can write and draw as they like. Thus, driving innovation and individual focus.
  • Effective Note-taking: In traditional note-taking students often become confused about what to write and what to skip. Do they have to copy what’ written on the board or listen to what the lecturer is saying? With the help of mind maps, students can easily jot down and organize information faster and more concisely.
  • Encourages Participation: teaching without allowing students to contribute to the discussion tends to be very ineffective, and getting children to share and participate in a discussion can be challenging. Here is when mind maps help in getting started. Through visuals, colors, and drawings, students’ ideas can be incorporated, making them comfortable and motivating them in sharing their ideas.
  • Aids in Team Working: group assignments or projects call for students’ input, ability to listen to one another, and also contribute to the group discussions. Whether it’s choosing a topic or thinking about solutions to a given problem. Mind maps help in combining individual ideas and helping them to arrive at conclusions themselves.

Here Is How Mindomo Will Help You

Mind maps are traditionally drawn on paper, however, with the rise of digital platforms mind mapping software like Mindomo has made this process easier and faster than before. With mind mapping in Mindomo, you can create your work either on a blank map or you can choose from various templates that have creative designs and gives you an idea if you’re a beginner.

Through this mind mapping software, you can also save, edit, and share your work with your team members and colleagues as required, without any hassle. You can also save your work and access it anywhere, anytime. Mindomo is a multi-platform software, you can use it on your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone thus, allowing you to work remotely and even in offline mode. Isn’t it great?

Find out more about Mindomo and get started today- for free! 

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