How To Buy RuneScape Gold Safely

How To Buy RuneScape Gold Safely

RuneScape has been one of the most popular MMORPGs among online game enthusiasts. The game started by Jagex in 2003 is as strong as ever with over 100,000 players online at any given moment. And if you’re just new to the game, you might be wondering how you can better enjoy the game right away.

One of the most popular ways is to simply buy RuneScape gold online. Gold is such an important part of the game that having a great amount of it can make things a lot easier for you like leveling up your character, finishing more missions, and basically, doing more tasks.

So what should you consider when buying Runescape GP in the open market?

The Company You’re Dealing With

Selecting the best RS gold website to deal with is vital as knowing a trusted seller can save you from a lot of stress and in some cases, losing your money for nothing. If you are willing to buy gold online, then you should check out They’ve been one of the top sites for buying and selling RS gold since 2013 and you’re guaranteed that your purchased gold will be delivered to your account safely.

A good RS gold site can be defined by its customer support service and its experience in this career. A company that delivers your gold in a short time is always the best choice for you. Their experience shows how far you can trust them, so getting scammed won’t be something you should worry about when dealing with them.

Not just that, their experience can have an impact on the chance of you getting caught by Jagex. A well-experienced company should know the ins and outs of selling RS gold and how to not get their customers banned.

Picking a company that sells its gold for the cheapest price shouldn’t be your first priority in this case. Your security and safety should be number one since most RS gold sites that sell cheap gold are scammers.

Many websites will do their best to show you that they should be trusted, but the only way to prove this is by checking their customer reviews.

This brings us to the next thing you should look out for…


In Old School Runescape imposters are almost everywhere, these people will do everything they can to attract you to buy from them and they will end up running away with your money. Things like staking your OSRS gold near the Grand Exchange, or swapping with a player you just met online, all of this is an obvious red flag and should be avoided.

There are some fake websites out there that are also pretending to be trustworthy, they will be acting like they are buying gold or selling gold normally, but they are actually some scammers. Again, the only way to not fall to these traps is by doing your due diligence. You should check their site’s history and their customer reviews if they are real, even if you cannot see it on their website, you should be able to Google their company name at least.

Final Thoughts

Always try to buy your RS gold in the right place, you are not only risking your hard-earned money, but also your identity and your OSRS account.

Buying gold is really not that difficult as long as you know who to trust. Being a regular customer of a trusted website can even get you amazing Loyalty rewards.

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