Great Apps Every Student Finds Useful

Great Apps Every Student Finds Useful

No matter if you study at school or college, it may be tough and challenging. However, with the development of the Internet and online technologies, every student can take maximum advantage of the quality apps. Do you want to place a custom essay order, create a flashcard, exchange sensitive files with your fellow students, or contact the professor? Nowadays, all these tasks can be done in a matter of minutes, without even leaving a house. Whether you need to take notes, develop time-management skills, or improve your language skills, the only thing you need to do is to choose an appropriate application from the diversity of available ones.


Essay or paper writing is one of the most complicated tasks students do not like most of all. The bibliography is the worst part of the task that takes much time, attention, and concern. RefME is an excellent app that may help you achieve the desired result with minimum effort. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can also be accessed online. The simple and helpful app uses the camera of a mobile phone to scan the barcode of the book to create a citation formatted in the most common formats.

Google Drive

Piles of books and papers can currently be replaced with online platforms that allow students to store, share, and exchange information. Google Drive is one of the most appreciated and commonly used cloud-based applications that allow users to preserve the sensitive files. One of the beneficial features of the application is an opportunity to work both online and offline.


How often do you forget to write down an essential note or save an important screenshot? Evernote is a nifty app that will simplify your studying and make you a better student. A handy tool helps to create notes and capture memos in different formats. The overwhelming majority of students have an opportunity to become more organized and goal-oriented with the help of the excellent studying app.

Keep valuable information and access it anytime you need with Evernote. The tool includes a range of helpful features that allow students to make notes during the lectures, safely store vulnerable information, work on the projects, and discuss their specifications with fellow students.

Office Lens

Tons of papers and a necessity to make hundreds of scans are frequently the most complicated for students. Office Lens will make your college studying a completely different experience. Take pictures of whiteboards, magazines, and blackboards to use the scans for your future projects. Convert the pictures into shareable text and take maximum advantage of it. Unlike similar applications, Office Lens can clean up shadows and glare, and read images from any angles.


Different lectures, various subjects, and tons of assignments can mess up your thoughts and decrease your chance to concentrate and focus on the accomplishment of essential tasks. SimpleMind is a unique app that will help you organize ideas, stimulate thinking, and inspire you for work. Consequently, you will not have to pay for essays, as you will have an opportunity to write down some important thoughts during the day, then analyze and make proper conclusions.

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