Grasshopper Alternatives for Virtual Phone Systems for Businesses in the Year 2020

Grasshopper Alternatives for Virtual Phone Systems for Businesses in the Year 2020

Over the past few years, marketing has grown from being limited to cold emails to transforming to inbound calling. The onset of digital transformation and the rise of social media marketing have paved the way for something that we refer to as the inbound game. Unlike the traditional norm of outbound calling, inbound calls are the ones made by customers without any initiation from the company.

Now the fact that these calls are not planned beforehand, organizations need to be prepared to address the calls coming in. This is one reason why the majority of the organizations have shifted to VoIP calling services. Offering the ease to make calls over the internet, VoIP business services are designed to cater to the needs of inbound calling.

When talking about the different VoIP service providers, one name that tops the list is Grasshopper. As one of the best Virtual Phone Systems, Grasshopper comes with loads of features including call forwarding, auto-attendant, extension, and virtual phone number. As an all-in-one solution, most of the business leaders opt for Grasshopper when embedding VoIP systems within their organization.

But is it the only service available?

Definitely not. Even though Grasshopper provides plenty of features, it is not for everyone and one should always look for alternatives to make the right decision. If you are not sure which one to go with, here are 10 alternatives to Grasshopper when looking for a virtual phone system for your business.

Top 10 VoIP Systems to Consider As an Alternative To Grasshopper

  • CallHippo

While there are many in the list of Grasshopper alternatives, one that tops the same is CallHippo. Known for its blend of features and ideal services, CallHippo is tailored to meet the needs of the businesses looking for VoIP solutions. Setting up the solution is pretty easy and will not take more than 10 minutes.

Irrespective of whether you want to opt for a new solution or integrate it within the existing one, CallHippo is compatible with all.  Besides offering the basic VoIP calling features, it provides an intuitive dashboard with a multilingual IVR facility for optimal business communication.

  • RingCentral

Tailored to map the needs of all kinds of businesses, RingCentral will never fail to amaze you with its tools and corresponding features. The VoIP solution encompasses features such as real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics. Also, the various tools part of the solution facilitates workforce and performance management. Another fascinating feature provided by them is the ability to convert voice to text. With two different plans, RingCentral is best suited for big players in the industry.

  • FreshCaller

If you are limited in your company size or have minimal requirements, FreshCaller is the one that would serve the purpose best. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of small and medium-sized business organizations. Some of the features supported by FreshCaller include contextual conversations, multi-level IVR, and real-time insights on communication.

  • AirCall

For businesses and startups with team size 5-50, AirCall is the best VoIP solution. Backed by a desktop application, it allows you to connect with remote teams, make or receive calls on the go. The virtual phone number provided by them enables them to be local to a particular region and expand their business on the go.

They are not much expensive and can seamlessly integrate with third-party applications such as ERP, CRM, etc. Signing up with AirCall, you would need to meet their expectations of minimum users. In case you wish to avail of personalized services, you would need to opt for a higher version of the software.

  • GoToConnect

Started back in 2006, GoToConnect is one of the simplest VoIP solutions to invest in. What’s best about them is that they don’t have any specific plans. Instead, all of the services listed by them are available to all of the users. The price variation is solely related to the number of users that have signed up with the platform. GoToConnect is an economical solution when it comes to the alternatives of Grasshopper. For organizations that fail to afford the premium prices of other service providers, GoToConnect is the best bet.

  • Vonage For Business

One of the pioneers in the VoIP industry, Vonage for Business started in 2001. They have a customer count of 50,000 and more. They have both a desktop and a mobile app offering the ease to seamlessly connect with the customers, no matter where the origin of the business.  It has multiple pricing plans, tailored for all sizes of an organization. Where the basic version offers call forwarding, auto-attendant features, the premium version goes a step ahead to offer visual voicemail.

  • Nextiva

Founded by a tech entrepreneur, Nextiva is one that walks side by side with Grasshopper. A few consider this to be the better one of the two. With variable pricing and expense of calling features, Nextiva offers both a toll-free and a local number for your business. In addition to this, the live chat feature offered by them helps Nextiva stand out in the crowd of other VoIP systems.

  • 8×8

Coming to 8×8, you will have access to all of the features offered by other alternatives of Grasshopper but what’s unique about this is the international calling facility. For organizations that work on an international scale, 8×8 gives them the ease to connect in a hassle-free manner. Another fascinating feature here is the cost-effectiveness of the plans offered by them.

  • DialPad

Apparently the newest addition in the VoIP family, DailPad enables unlimited calling to the USA and Canada. While the basic plan customers get the option of G Suite Integration, premium users get access to international numbers. Voicemail greetings, video calls, call forwarding, and toll-free numbers are a few of the features offered by them. Call queueing is available for a premium version of the software.

  • Mitel

From instant messaging to voicemail, G Suite integration, and voicemail transcription, Mitel has a lot to offer to its customers. Based on the plan purchased, it embeds a cap on the number of users that can gain access to the system. Its mobile version enables screen sharing, audio conferencing, video calls, etc. If you are looking for an all-in-one VoIP system, Mitel might be of help.

Which one is on your list? Let us know by commenting below.

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