Game development for android

Game development for android

In the age of rapid development of computer technology, almost everyone has the opportunity to create games independently, without spending a huge amount of money on the help of professional programmers and designers. In the modern world, game development is a very popular field of activity. Every year, a different game plan is developed, from regular card games to casino online.

How to create a game for Android from scratch

There are many available ways that even beginners in the field of programming can create their own simple games. In addition, after gaining even a little experience, a person can try to create a more complex game. Also, it is worth noting that many programs already have ready-made templates, backgrounds that can be useful to the user in the process of creating his game.

The principle of creating a game using the example of the Unity constructor:
Before you start this process, you will need to download the program from the official website and install it on your personal computer. Also, during the loading process, it is very important to add all the necessary components that will be attached to the constructor;

The user can then run the downloaded program and proceed to create their first project. To do this, click on the “Create project” button, it also needs to come up with a name and specify the place where the project will be saved;

After that, the designer will throw the novice developer to the working window, in which the entire process of creating mobile games takes place. However, before you start developing the application, you will need to study the special guide.

The developers of the constructor have created a special guide for creating games in their product, which should help new users. In this manual, Unity programmers have described in as much detail as possible how scripts are created, components are prepared, and how to work correctly with graphics and physics.

Which games are easier to create

Beginners in game programming are encouraged to try their hand at creating different platformers. These can be simple games in which the character wanders through an uncomplicated maze, or a small fight with a thief or a villain or something like For many, such games may seem as typical as possible, but this is the perfect plot to start with. Moreover, an inexperienced user in the field of programming will definitely be able to create such a game using only a free constructor on the Internet.

In addition, card games also do not need high-quality graphics, maximum drawing and a large number of actions. All actions in such applications, starting from shuffling cards and ending with the last move, differ from other genres of games in their uniformity. Moreover, the card games also feature a simple interface, which includes a simple menu.

How difficult is it to create a game

Each user, if desired, can try to develop their own mini-game, even if they do not have any deep knowledge of programming. To create your own application, you only need to have a minimum knowledge of at least one programming language.

In addition, in the process of programming the simplest games, you also do not need a complete knowledge of Photoshop or any creative skills. But in the case of more complex games, you definitely need to have drawing skills and design taste. Also, it is worth noting that most games for mobile devices can be created in special constructors, which greatly simplifies the entire process.
Based on this, we can conclude that in fact, the process of creating mobile applications is not so complicated. To do this, you will only need the following:

  • 1. An idea of what the future game should look like;
  • 2. Minimal knowledge of a programming language, such as Java;
  • 3. The presence of the installed design program.

Making a card game

As mentioned above, card games are also quite easy to create. To do this, we recommend using a constructor called Unity 3D, which was described above. The principle of creating a game:

  • 1. In this case, you will also need to create the main background for the maps first. It can be either a single color, or, for example, a wooden table;
  • 2. After that, the user can start designing the cards themselves, that is, creating the game inventory;
  • 3. At the next stage, you can move on to creating player interactions. In addition, the user can also set the allowed number of players;
  • 4. Now you will need to switch the game menu from 3D mode to 2D and determine the end of the game.

How to create an online game for Android

At the moment, there is no specific scheme, thanks to which the user will be able to create an online game. Applications of the described type are created simply with the help of the above-presented designers and services, after which the developer independently chooses where to publish his finished creation – in the Play Market or the browser.

It is also worth paying the reader’s attention to the fact that it is impossible to create your own game for mobile devices using standard methods without using a personal computer. And all because of the fact that most of the well-known software for game development is focused on desktop computers.

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