Explained: Is it Worth Dropping a Year?

Explained: Is it Worth Dropping a Year?

Do you think all students who drop a year waste their time? Think again. The idea seems daunting, as you do get left behind in terms of academic progress. However, this gap may be very useful for your future career. Here is why.

Most Class 12 students have a lot of unanswered questions in their heads. They hesitate over which career path to take, and this confusion may lead to big mistakes. Young people in India do not always realize what they are really good at.

Another important question is whether they should take a drop if the reality does not meet their expectations. What if you fail to pass the entrance exams into your dream college? If you have parental support, you may decide to drop a year to hone your skills and boost the odds of success the next time you apply. This decision has upsides and downsides.

Pros and Cons

There is no universal answer. Investment is separated from waste by a very thin line. A lot depends on the mindset of the student and their financial situation. For someone with high aspirations, a disciplined approach and commitment to preparation, this year will become a positive investment for the future. Here are a few things to ponder.

If You Missed College by a Slim Margin

So, what if you fail to get accepted right away? Look at the difference between the score you targeted and what you actually achieved. If it is small, chances are you can do better with a bit of extra effort and preparation. Otherwise, you may decide to choose a different field altogether. Finally, if you do get into college, but realize it is not your dream institution, dropping is not a good idea.

If your financial situation is unstable, you can still drop and feel comfortable if you make a bit of extra money yourself. For instance, you may learn about Forex trading and profit from buying and selling currencies online. This is a modern and progressive way to work in the financial markets, and education is free. All you need is a mobile app, a registered Forex trading from Forextime and knowledge. Alternatively, consider more conventional part-time jobs.

If You Have Poor Board and Entrance Scores

Now, what if you fail on both board and entrance exams? This situation is the most complicated, but it does not mean there is no solution. A student must be perfectly confident in their career choice. This is not necessarily a dead-end situation, as alternatives exist. If none of the following works, dropping a year is reasonable:

i. New age careers / skill-based careers

ii. Admissions in Tier-2 colleges

iii. Private Universities

If You Need Time to Prepare

To pass the entrance exams, you need hard work and perseverance. Try to understand why you failed and how to avoid the same result in the future. Guidance from a career counsellor may prove handy.

To do better the next time, you need to dissect your failures and understand what went awry. Self-reflection is essential. If you do decide to drop a year, do not think of it as a failure. Interpret it as the extra time necessary to shape your career in the right way.

The Bottom Line

Sceptics say dropping a year is a crime and equals failure. However, it is not all black and white. Sometimes, people need extra time to understand what they really want to achieve. Choosing a career path is no easy task. Thus, if you are absolutely sure it makes sense to you, do it and use the time productively.

Remember that a happy mind can do wonders while getting stuck in a job you hate is a recipe for misery. You have only one life to live, so make thoughtful choices. If you can’t afford to drop and you are sure it is necessary, go for it. The only condition is that you must make this gap count as an investment, rather than a loss.

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