Evening Desert Safari- The most Popular Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari- The most Popular Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is known as the most popular emirate of the UAE. And the most attractive place in Dubai is the Evening Safari Desert. When you visit Dubai, it is very difficult to select only Dubai Evening Desert Safari among different other thrilling and adventurous places. The journey begins from your home doorsteps on the 4×4 heavy wheel drive. This provides an ever-lasting thrilling experience.

What Evening Safari Desert Brings for you?

You will get a chance to relish your journey from the beautiful landscape of Evening Desert Safari Dubai. Also, you can capture the beautiful scenery of the desert on your camera. If you visit Desert Safari, it would be your great choice you would ever make. The beautiful scenes of this endless desert add great excitement to your journey.

Exciting things to do in Evening Desert Safari:                                                          

During your tour to Evening Desert Safari Dubai, you will get refreshing drinks, Arabic Qahwa, Coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Besides, there is a complete service of BBQ dinners for the tourists. A lot of live shows are arranged in the Dubai Evening Desert Safari that adds charm to your visit.

Quad Bike Riding:

The Quad Bike Riding is another exciting thing to do on the Safari Desert. Tourists can add the Quad Biking to their visiting list. The tourists can relish the dune bashing and sandboarding accompanied with the camel riding. On Dubai Evening Desert Safari, you can pilot your Quad bike across the Desert. After reaching the camp in the Desert, you can enjoy the barbeque buffet along with living entertainment.

Sand Ski in Desert:

The Evening Desert Safari provides Sand Skiing in the Desert. It is an adventurous exciting sport, which is in high demand. Although, it comprises dunes of about 200-300m in height which are the best suit for your sand skiing. You can feel the sand beneath the skiis, as you rapidly glide down. It brings ultimate fun and excitement to the Evening Desert Safari.

Final Note:

You can have a day out to experience the best and exciting things on the Safari Desert. The fascinating activities will make your day and it stands out of the crowd of activities in Desert Safari.

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