Effect Of Using Mobiles Upon The Human Brain

Effect Of Using Mobiles Upon The Human Brain

Everything in this world comes with both kinds of effects, good and bad. If a thing is useful and good, it will definitely have some disadvantages or some harm also. The good and bad side is always part of everything.

Mobile Phones

In this advancing world, the use of mobile is also increasing. It becomes a definite part of human life. It has made a lot of things easier for us. It has made our communications easy. It has filled the void of most of the things in our life. It has connected us to the whole world.

Online World

Due to advancement in technology, everything is done online now. You can pay your bills online, and you can shop online, you can play games online, what and whatnot. Everything is just a single click away. Everything is at your fingertips.

Online Games 

Yes! You can play every type of game online, whether it is a board game or outdoor games. Apps have been developed to give the amazing experience of games online. You can play card games as well, such as Situs Poker Online  has a wide variety of online poker games.  

Bad Effects

Apart from making our lives easier, it has proved to be a boon as well. The addiction to mobile is just as dangerous as the addiction to drugs. The misuse or overuse of the mobile phone proves that it is not just a blessing. 

Is It Bad For Youth?

Yes! It can be said that our generation has been spoiled, and mobile phones have been held responsible for this. To some extent, I agree with it. It has been proved that mobile has caused a lot of disturbance in young kids. Kids have gotten themselves in stuff that is quite inappropriate for them.

Young Minds And Brains 

Radiations from a mobile phone are considered as ‘Human Carcinogen.’ It can increase the chances of brain cancer if overused. It can heavily affect the human brain activity and harm it. Try to use the phone on a short-term basis. 

It Is A Need As Well

No matter how many disadvantages we count done by mobile phones, we can’t keep ourselves from counting the advantages it has given. It has brought us closer to so many things. So, bringing this to an end by saying that everything has its own effects. Good or bad, it totally depends upon how you use mobile phones, 

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