Can’t Deny a Four-Legged Companion!

Can’t Deny a Four-Legged Companion!

Dogs have been a part of human life since the early times. They have been used for hunting, protecting, guarding, and several other purposes. There are plenty of reasons to support the phrase why “dogs are man’s best friend.” I will be listing a few in my content piece. Regardless of their canine cuteness and enthusiasm, these four-legged animals can perform wonders when it comes to faithfulness and loyalty. Scientists have claimed that dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth, then comes elephants, dolphins, wolves, and dolphins. Thus, it becomes an imperative duty for humans to take care of these lovable and adorable beings, at least when they need them the most. Animal health is as essential as humans; however, the reluctance associated with animal health is in peril. As per the Fortune Business Insights report, the animal health market is predicted to reach USD 67.56 billion by 2026.

Clarification: Animal-to-Human COVID Transmission

There have been so many talks about the spread of coronavirus in Big cats (Tigers) in the past few months but whether it can truly infect domestics cats, dogs or other animals remains an unsolved mystery. As per the World Health Organization’s scrutiny on the animal transmission of Covid-19: cats and ferrets can transmit the virus to one another. Nevertheless, there are no such implications or evidence to support that animals can transmit the infection to humans or vice versa. The new guidelines provided by WHO suggest that people who have the symptoms of COVID-19 must isolate themselves from any contact with animals or humans. They mustn’t risk and follow basic hygiene measures when caring for animals, as well as avoid kissing and licking, and washing hands regularly after handling.

Pro Tips for your Healthy and Happy Pet

Keeping your pet happy and healthy is the best notion one can be in pursuit of; while having a dog and just possessing it or offering it with the best possible life are two completely different things. There are a few ways one can ensure to keep their dogs happy and healthy

  • Cleanliness should be a priority: In spite of all the nagging and unwillingness towards washing and cleaning, your goofball is necessitated to take regular baths not only to maintain hygiene but for its overall health and happiness. Being unclean will not only improve its chance of getting fleas and lice but also make them uncomfortable and lethargic. Regular baths will help to boost your dog’s mood and spirit. Choosing the best shampoo for your pet is exceptionally vital, as dogs can be allergic to some ingredients.
  • Feeding them right: Even though your pet might howl or bark, asking you to feed them from your plate, it is advisable to give them their meals separately. Researchers have found that some human food items are toxic to dogs, such as raisins, grapes, xylitol, chocolates, and caffeine. Whereas, apples, chicken, meat, fish, beans are safe and healthy for the dogs. Hence, feeding them the right food will increase their life expectancy and enhance mental development.
  • Exercise is the key to Better Greater Health: if you are dog is acting all frisky, take it up for a long walk or run, they simply love that. Exercise plays an integral part in keeping your pet healthy and in shape. Fit pets are often looked up as healthy and proper. Physical activities, training, and spending quality time with your companion can improve not only your pet’s health but also increase your chances for good bonding and relationship.
  • Vet Check-ups are must: Pets usually don’t like going on a trip to a vet’s clinic, but regular health check-ups will prevent perilous diseases and health issues. Moreover, the detection of early disease or illness can also prevent major risks. Vaccinations can prevent major health illnesses. A thorough check-up and inspection can save the life of your beloved.

Manage Depression by Just Owning a Pet

There has been an epidemic of depression; people tend to forget what they have and are mainly focused on what they don’t. But how do pets play a role in helping a person with depression? Various studies across the world have shown that activities with pets can resolve symptoms of depression. For instance, according to a survey conducted by Human-Animal Bond Research Institute, 74% of pet owners had improved mental health after having a pet. If loneliness is the cause of your depression, then pet’s comfort and companionship can be therapeutic. A pet can help remind the owner that things aren’t that bad after all. Studies have also shown that animals can pick up from the vibe when their possessors are distressed. The great snuggles and comfort from a pet can perpetually create a peaceful environment and can be tremendously calming for the person. Be it stress or anxiety; a dog can sense it and alleviate you from social isolation and agitations. Thus, pets provide a sense of emotional and social support that can aid in the improvement of mental health. 


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