Bitcoin Mining: Can we make money from it? You Should Know About It

Bitcoin Mining: Can we make money from it? You Should Know About It

Bitcoin is not linked or controlled by any governance like other physical currency. Bitcoin is a totally digital currency and cannot be made in physical form. The process in which new bitcoins are created is called ‘mining’. Some bitcoins are given as a reward to the miners who solve those math equations and introduce new bitcoins.

What is Mining?

The block has all the details about the transactions happening with bitcoin. After that miners compete against each other when the block gets full and they need to solve that mathematical equation. If a miner solves it sooner than others they are then rewarded with a bitcoin as a share. All the details are then added to a customer’s blockchain so they have all the latest reports about their transactions. The block gets added up in the blockchain with all the verification. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit here

Proof of Work

The most important and major thing in bitcoin mining is the mathematical equations which need to be solved. The process of mining is really not an easy job. This should make sure that if any hacker tries to mess up with the transactions should end up getting nothing. The system should be strong and difficult to be easily hacked by any con.

Basics of Cryptography

The algorithm used by bitcoin is known as SHA-256. You will get some string of letters back that is called ‘HASH’ if you try to pass a word through SHA-256.

Let’s take an example like ‘LITTLE’ word of SHA-256 is a HASH. The string of letters has some important rules that are as followed:

  1. The specific HASH can only appear by the word ‘LITTLE’
  2. The HASH will come only by the word ‘LITTLE’
  3. If you only know about HASH you can’t figure out the exact word ‘LITTLE’ ever.

The Mining processes

The bitcoin mining process has three main points that are the block, difficulties during mining and some random numbers. Let’s just imagine that the block consists of the word ‘LITTLE’. The block has all the details and data about every single transaction made. The block gets verified if it has some number of zeros at the start of the HASH result, bitcoin uses this simple formula to check that. It makes it more difficult when the other miners from all around the world join the network. These zeros we talked about are the ‘mining difficulties.  If there are two zeros in the HASH it is, there are two difficulties. The main problem is that the ‘LITTLE’ will always give you back the same HASH and it is not at all obvious that it will have two zeros. After all, that random number called NONCE is the thing we need. The ‘LITTLE’ is then combined with the number and we get HASH again at last.

Bottom Line

The competition between the miners and the cost it takes in the mining process has made it very difficult for the miners to gain profit from bitcoin mining. It is really very difficult or you can say near to impossible to get back the expenditure that it takes on the process of mining bitcoin. It has been so difficult for the miners to gain profit if they do their job even with all the hard work, they put in. If you are not at all interested in this bitcoin mining so it should be like you observe and have about this digital market and bitcoin mining.

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