Best ways to expand your Shopify store

Best ways to expand your Shopify store

Due to the last events, online shops have become more and more popular. It is enough just to open your account in any social network and you can see plenty of ads offering this or that good. It is quite understandable: the owners of shops have to survive in the current situation.

If you’re just going to open an online shop, the platform is just what you need. In brief, it will do everything for you. This Internet company develops software for online stores. It will take into account all your wishes and requirements.

To broaden the audience of your shop, several languages option is a must-have. It will make your website popular and increase your income, respectively.

Multilingual store to broaden your business horizons

The platform can develop the software for plenty of various online shops. Each shop has a specific and concrete theme. Its content must be translated professionally. So, it makes the content available and understandable for customers. To solve this problem, is your best help.

This application is unique. It can translate your Shopify website into more than 240 languages and dialects. This application is an expert in its field. It will provide you with accurate and exact translation. This will definitely help your Shopify store to become worldwide.

What can LangShop translate?

Each section of the store is important. LangShop has a large experience in translating all the sections of the store. They are:

  • names, versions, sizes of the goods;
  • description of goods, images, articles;
  • all the documentation of your shop;
  • blogs, ads, blanks, etc.;

In general, the whole content of your Shopify store will be translated into the language you need. You may not worry about its accuracy.

A multicurrency shop is your way to success

To make your Shopify store available for all, it must have several currencies. LangShop has a function of converting the currency. So, the customer will see the price already in his native currency. This will help him to plan the budget.

The customer opens your website. The language and the currency are switched by his location. LangShop works with more than 200 currencies.

Other LangShop’s offers:

  • free trial period within 2 weeks;
  • developing your Shopify store map;
  • translation timeline;
  • always working support;
  • a 3rd party translation;
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