Basic Strength Exercises You Can Do Without Weights

Basic Strength Exercises You Can Do Without Weights

Over the past year gyms all over the world have been shutting down intermittently. With governments mandating that fitness centers, yoga and dance gyms and even some martial arts schools shut down – when really people should be being healthier and not staying inside at home – many people are opting to workout at home.

This might be an issue if you don’t have weights or machines to train on at your place of residence. However, there is a form of training called calisthenics, or body weight training, which utilizes your body’s own weight or easy to access items like household furniture, to assist with exercises.

Below we’re put together a list of exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home, without gym equipment or free weights, to help you stay in shape. Build muscle, gain strength, and improve your flexibility with some of the following exercises:


Not only do they look impressive, but handstands are a great exercise you can practice anywhere. All you really need is a wall, although having soft floor or a matt to land on can help, and yoga or handstand blocks can also help if you’re just starting out and have weak wrists.

Strengthen your core, shoulders and mental resilience by working on your handstands at home. If you’re new to it, you might want to check online for some beginner tips on doing handstands.


Do we really need to mention these? Everyone knows what a push-up is. Work on your chest and core by adding push-ups to your daily workout routine. Don’t forget to keep your back straight and stiff, which will also work out your core and buttock muscles too. Keep it interesting my doing multiple variations of push-ups, there’s loads to choose from in addition to the standard push-ups that everyone knows so well.


You’ll need a bar for this one, which isn’t something everyone has access to, although if you intend to be working out from home for a while, it might be worth investing in one. You can purchase these quite cheaply online, and can usually fit them up on any doorway in your home.

Work on your biceps and core strength, and keep it interesting by varying the type of pull-ups you do. Pull-ups with an overhand grip will work out your forearms too, while an underhand grip will put more focus on your back muscles.


Dips are a great exercise for working out your triceps and chest. You can do these by using two chairs with high backs. Just make sure they have a solid base or your core is strong enough to not let the chairs fall inward as you dip down. Dips are hard, but the feeling you will get once you master them is very rewarding, and the way your triceps will bulge after you do a few sets of these will keep you motivated to keep doing more.

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