AARDY.com and the SOWF

AARDY.com and the SOWF

AARDY.com is one of the leading travel insurance marketplaces in the US. It started life as AardvarkCompare.com back in 2015 when serial entrepreneur Jonathan Breeze, a former Royal Air Force pilot and instructor, was looking for his next opportunity.

Before the website was even live to customers, Jonathan knew that supporting a worthy cause was very important to him. Aardvark Kids of Heroes became the name for the charitable side of the company, but given the time constraints of launching a travel insurance marketplace across all 50 states and DC, Breeze was aware that launching their own charity would take time and resource they didn’t yet have.

“In the early days the team was very small indeed. We simply didn’t have the resource to commit to such an important job. Thankfully we were aware of the amazing work of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and it made sense to support this very worthy cause.”

The SOWF is a non-profit organisation that empowers families of the fallen and severely wounded with college scholarship, events and support. Their commitment is to ensure every child of a fallen Special Operations Warrior receives a college education. 

Even before the site was generating a profit Breeze started donating monthly to the SOWF, and has continued to do so through 2020 in-spite of the massive pressures on all businesses this year.

“2020 has been a challenging year for us all, and charities are no exception. It made it more imperative to continue to donate to the SOWF even though the travel insurance marketplace had reduced in size by around 90% overnight”.

AARDY.com has committed to donate 10% of profit to SOWF, their charity partner. 

“It’s a small way to try to say thank you to the families of those who make the ultimate sacrifice to help protect us all. Being able to donate 10% of profit to such a worthy cause as the Special Operations Warrior Foundation makes our entire team proud.”

With 2020 marked off by most people as a year to forget, Breeze and the AARDY.com team are looking ahead to 2021 and assisting their customers to find the best travel insurance possible for their trip.

“After enduring 2020, everyone needs a vacation. With dozens of plans available on our site the team and i are here to make sure they get the best travel insurance possible at the lowest price for the cover they need”.

Cristina Macias
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