5 Ways to Get Most Out of Instagram Creator Accounts

5 Ways to Get Most Out of Instagram Creator Accounts

Introduction –

Instagram Creator accounts is one of the latest features rolled out by Instagram for macro influencers. It was designed in order to distinguish Business accounts from those of content creators, public figures etc.. on the platform. If you are an influencer, then this feature is great news for you. That’s because Creator accounts on Instagram come with an additional set of tools that you can use to manage and organize your account and community more effectively. Be it engaging with your Instagram followers by viewing mentions or getting growth insights that are super informative. With Instagram Creator accounts, you can know trends, analyse content performance, view your reach and do so much more. However, the condition to switch to a Creator account is that you must have at least 10,000 Instagram followers.

Check out the following tips and ways to get the most out of Instagram Creator accounts. By applying these Instagram best practices for creator accounts, you can multiply your Instagram followers and engagement levels like never before.

5 Ways to Get Most Out of Instagram Creator Accounts –

1. Collaborate with Brands –

Affiliating with brands is the best way to leverage the power of Instagram Creator accounts. Not only does it help you generate revenue, but also shoots up your Instagram popularity to an all new level. Moreover, if the brand which you are affiliating for, is well known, it can be a game changer for your personal brand. However, when it comes to influencer marketing, almost all brands will evaluate your content for quality and analytics, and not just the number of Instagram followers.

Therefore, it is significant that you amp up your profile with qualitative content that speaks for itself, before approaching a brand for sponsorships. As an Instagram Creator, you can secure brand collaborations by looking out for brands in your niche who engage in Influencer marketing from time to time. Then, if you think that the collaboration can add value to the brand and your audience, then go ahead and approach them.

2. Increase Instagram Engagement with More Growth Tools –

The best part about Instagram Creator accounts is the exclusive access to insights that can help you understand your Instagram growth better. With a Creator account, you can get important information such as, how many people followed or unfollowed you on a daily basis, age range and top locations of your audience, and your followers growth rate. Backed by these insights, you can inform your Instagram content and adapt your strategy to cater to the interests of these audiences.

As such, it will impact your engagement on Instagram for the better. With more engagement, your content also stands a chance at getting featured in the sought after Explore page on Instagram. This can potentially do wonders for your personal brand and get you more Instagram followers organically. You might even catch attention from top brands!

3. Utilize Instagram Shopping –

With an Instagram Creator account, you can create ‘shoppable posts.’ What this means is that you can sell products directly within the Instagram app. Whether you sell products directly to your audience, or are selling products for a brand. With Instagram Creator accounts, you are sorted. It allows you to tag the products you want to sell in a particular Instagram post. Your Instagram followers can click on the products and purchase them directly within the app using Instagram checkout or by directing them to the relevant website.

This feature was especially designed for influencers in fashion but can as well be used by influencers in other domains. By using this feature, you can boost sales as it reduces the steps involved in customers’ buying journey by influencing them directly. Also, if you sell products with Instagram Creator accounts, your credibility increases making you instantly appealing in front of brands.

4. Get Creative with Stories –

Once you have an Instagram Creator account, you also get exclusive access to a unique feature called ‘Stories About You.’ With this feature, you can view the Stories that mention your account in the last 24 hours, all in one place. This makes it easier to reply, comment or interact with Instagram users who are engaging with your account. Moreover, you can also see Stories from private accounts using this feature, given that you are following that account.

Since Stories About You feature is accessible only to Instagram Creator accounts, you can leverage it to engage with your Instagram followers. Further, you can use relevant mentions to demonstrate social proof as an Instagram content creator by resharing the Stories and more. Besides, you can leverage Instagram Stories by creating quick and witty content, adding stickers or GIFs, asking questions and more. And do not forget to be consistent with posting or resharing Stories as it allows you to stay at the top of the feed of your Instagram followers.

5. Filter Messages of Priority –

This is perhaps the best feature that comes with Instagram Creator accounts. You have thousands (or millions!) of Instagram followers and chances are that you are receiving tonnes of messages from fans, followers, fellow creators or even brands. It could have been a daunting scenario! But, with Creator accounts on Instagram, fret not, because you can filter the messages that you want to see on priority. Instagram Creator accounts come with two inboxes –

  • Primary Inbox, which contains messages from the people you are connected with.
  • General Inbox, which contains messages from users contacting you for the first time.

By filtering messages, you can not only save effort and time, but also manage your Instagram account in a more organized way. As a creator, this also ensures that you do not miss out on collaboration requests, or DMs that are sales inquiries.

Conclusion –

Get ahead on your Instagram journey with effective ways to make the best use of Instagram Creator accounts. With unique features such as streamlined messages, more labels and growth insights for you to dig deeper into your followers data. Creator accounts on Instagram come with the promise of better community management and content and activity organization. So, if you are a content creator or influencer with 10000 followers on Instagram, go ahead and switch to a Creator account for exclusive access to added features.

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