5 Ways in Which Digital Marketing Adds Value to an Online Venture

5 Ways in Which Digital Marketing Adds Value to an Online Venture

An online venture or an e-commerce site in simpler terms cannot expect online buyers to simply throng it unless no serious effort is made for promotion and drawing more traffic. Digital marketing has the capability to give the thing in question the required shot in the arm and the 5 ways in which this is done, especially by seeking assistance from a digital marketing consultant, is as follows:

Letting you make a bid for sale

Digital marketing comprises some interesting tricks that you can use to push your online sale. If you place a product, which is slightly costlier, beside the one that a customer has chosen, chances are they may change their decision and choose the other option.

If you are selling one item, you can very well offer one or two more and persuade the buyer to go for the package. For instance, if somebody is buying a tie, they can be encouraged to buy other similar accessories like pocket square, cufflinks, etc.

And of course, you can have a big and noticeable CTA that your online buyers should be able to see clearly and click fast if they are in a hurry to make a purchase, which they often are.

Opportunity to leverage social media

Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are all the rage these days and you can easily bring more buyers to your e-commerce site by tapping into the opportunities that these networking sites present you with. For instance, on Instagram, you can advertise your product or service and your ad will have a link that will bring your prospective buyers directly to your site.

Facebook meanwhile can enable you to follow segmented targeting and on YouTube, you can have explainer videos and product reviews, do cross-promotion, and make an announcement about a new product.

One hears right from the horse’s mouth  

On your online store, you can have authentic reviews of your customers who can even share images of the thing they bought and are using. If someone shares a negative feedback, you can respond to their comment there itself and address their grievance. The ratings and comments your patrons leave behind will be instrumental in pushing your online sales.  

  Even pop-ups can cause sales to shoot up

Many find pop-ups pesky but their wise use can be genuinely profitable. If you really have an interesting offer in the form of a discount or coupon code, you can bring it to a visitor’s notice by making the content appear in the form of a pop-up as they are browsing your website. Pop-ups have to be a bit flashy and exciting or else a user will press the close button without even heeding what is shown to them.

Endear yourself to buyers with coins and reward points

With every purchase, let a buyer win some coins or reward points that they can keep accumulating until a sizeable amount puts them in a position to make a purchase free of cost or get a massive rebate. This is now one of the striking features of online shopping.

So, you see that digital marketing works nothing less than a catalyst for e-commerce sites. By following the tips that we have shared in this write-up, you can achieve a lot more than what you already have through your online store. You can avail the services a digital marketing consultant in London for the same.   

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