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5 Most Heartbreaking Tamil Songs That Forthcoming Generations Will Listen

There are many songs available on Youtube and many websites. Also, there are many languages with different genres of songs available. But among all of the song’s genres, the heartbreaking song is very euphonious, and the great thing is it will be very matching for those who fail in love. Special Tamil heartbreaking song is very heart touching that will be perfect for getting rid of hopelessness.

To reducing this cause, we engage here with multiple songs. Hold your eyes on this page and let the world know about Tamil sad songs because tamil songs download gaining so manageable.

1. Geethaiyin Raadhai

It is the number one ranking song, one of the popular songs in the Tamil music industry. Also, it is the song that has gained 44 million views from Youtube. Even it is the much like earned songs which singers were Kumaresh Kamalakannan and Keshvini Saravanan. Ztish was the music composer of the song which lyrics writer was Kavi Naayagan Yuwaji.

2.  Usure

Sudharshan Ashok and Jothi Pushpa sing this song which the music composer was Siddhu Kumar, and Mohan Rajan was the lyricist of these sad songs. Undoubtedly the song is suitable for a love failure person. Because heartbreaking song will be perfect and you must listen. And the song crosses 22 million views on Youtube. Trust me, and you will love this song most.

3.  Po Urave

Sid Sriram is the king of magical voice who is also famous for his mournful song. And the song is from the Tamil movie Kaatrin Mozh. The song of the movie is very euphonious that you must love. The song’s tune is very hearted tetchy directed by A H Kaashif, which lyrics writer was the most popular lyricist Madhan Karky. Also, the song has achieved 11 million views on Youtube.

4.   Yaen Ennai Pirindhaai

However, I know that you will eagerly wait for the sad song, and it is another song for you to listen. Also, the future generation will listen to this song most. Adithya Varma is the name of the song which singer was the most heart-wrenching singer Sid Sriram. Radhan was the music director and lyrics writer of this sad listed song, which gained 6 million views on Youtube. Even you must fall in love with the song that is perfect for you and upcoming generations.

5.  Vizhiye Kalangathey

And the song is the last song of this review type article, and the song is the heartbreaking, sad song in Tamil that you can observe every lyric of the song which mention full of tragic point. The song is from the movie Vedigundu Pasangge, and Vivek-Mervin was the music director of the song. Also, the song’s singers were Sathyaprakash and Sakthisree Gopalan which lyrics writer was Ko Sesha. Finally, the song already attained 4 million-plus views from Youtube.

Final Appeal:

At the latter point of the article, we can advise downloading Tamil sad songs that are attractive for your soul-wrenching. So download Tamil’s best heart-wrenching songs, which are suitable for upcoming generations. And they should listen to these mentioned sad Tamil songs must.

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