5 Erectile Dysfunction Myths: Know The Facts

5 Erectile Dysfunction Myths: Know The Facts

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common male sexual health conditions. While the condition is well known, often the facts and truths are distorted.

The prevalence of ED tends to increase with age, which is why knowing how to best treat the condition in addition to the falsehoods is beneficial.

Myth 1: ED is purely a psychological condition

Erectile dysfunction is often thought to be caused by a psychological condition. However, ED is not solely caused by a psychological condition, for the majority of cases, ED is down to physical pathology.

Physical causes for ED are typically caused by lifestyle factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, drinking alcohol and poor diet.    

Myth 2: ED only affects older men

This is a common misconception. It is true that the majority of cases of ED occur in men that are older, however, younger men can still experience erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle factors are a significant contributor to erectile dysfunction, which is why the incidence of ED tends to be observed as we age. While this is the case, obesity, high blood pressure, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can contribute to ED being experienced by men as young as early 20s.

Myth 3: To get ED treatment, I need to see a doctor

With erection treatment such as the popular medication Viagra, being regarded as the first-line therapy for ED, it is often though you have to see your GP to be able to purchase it. This is false. Clinically proven erection medication can be easily purchased online with a free online prescription. It is important to purchase Viagra and other erection medications from a trusted online source, such as Pharmica. Pharmica is an online UK pharmacy with thousands of excellent rated reviews, they offer discreet packaging, next day delivery and exceptional customer service.

Myth 4: Natural ED remedies are more effective than medication

There is always an organic or natural alternative promoted when it comes to clinically proven medication. While some remedies can support overall treatment, they are not clinically tested or fit to solely treat a particular condition.

While natural remedies sound appealing, they are almost never as effective as their clinically proven medication counterpart. Furthermore, medication is safer in that the side effects are documented with the accompanying estimations of probability. This is not the case for alternative natural remedies, that fall short when it comes to clinical accuracy.

Myth 5: If ED treatment doesn’t work, it never will

This is an easy, but false conclusion to draw. While many ED medications are very similar, they can work differently for some people. Typically, erection treatment works for men approximately 80% of the time. However, some factors can cause the level of effectiveness to decrease depending on a couple of essential considerations. Drinking alcohol can decrease effectiveness, so make sure you try not to drink alcohol when taking ED medication. Also, arousal must occur for the medication to take effect, you cannot simply take the treatment and wait for it to work. If these factors are not relevant, then it is worth trying alternative medications to see if they work better.

While it can be a stigmatised subject, the truth of the matter is that ED is a common male condition experienced by millions. Therefore, knowing fact from fiction is essential to be able to appropriately recognise and treat the condition. 

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