4 Features That Can Improve Your Outdated Air Conditioner

4 Features That Can Improve Your Outdated Air Conditioner

HVAC systems usually come with a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. But with proper maintenance, you can extend its life by another few years. Most of the parts wear down over time. If you can manage to replace these parts timely, you may end up using the same AC for more than 15 years. It is essential to invest in features or devices that make your outdated HVAC system updated. Of course, it may not function as the ones with advanced technologies, but they would surely help keep your electric bills down. Here are some of the technologies that can improve your AC’s efficiency significantly.

1. Uniform cooling

Moderating gas valves and variable-speed technology can bring your outdated air conditioner up to speed. This feature would allow you to program your AC so that it delivers continuous airflow, provides better humidity control, and maintains a constant temperature. It only takes a few filter replacements and simple duct repairs to boost your AC’s performance.

2. Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat lets you control the temperature in different zones of your house. You may feel that some rooms require more cooling than others. The programmable thermostat helps to regulate the temperature accordingly. Also, make sure you call a technician and install control sensors in your AC. That would make your air conditioner compatible with your programmable thermostat as these sensors not only operate your AC at its optimum level but also makes it energy-efficient.

3. Sound absorption

Old air conditions sometimes make a whirring noise when you switch them on. This is quite irritating when you are trying to sleep. If you can’t stand the noise and also not willing to part ways with your AC, you should call a technician to install a sound-absorbing material. This device eliminates your air conditioner’s operating noise and makes your room calm and quiet so that you can sleep peacefully.

4. Airflow and speed monitors

It is best if you install a speed monitor along with a moderating gas valve. The combination would ensure consistent airflow into your room. In addition to providing better airflow, your AC would prevent mold growth and successfully remove impurities from the air. As your air conditioner grows old, its filters start to deteriorate. Apart from replacing the filters, you should also install speed monitors and moderating gas valves to improve the air quality.

Air conditioners are quite expensive, especially when you consider the latest models that come with advanced features. If you can’t afford a new air conditioner, you should look to upgrade your old one with devices that boost its performance. Talk to an HVAC specialist about what he can do to make your old AC work better. Most experts will suggest the features mentioned above. Compare the prices of these devices online and check their compatibility with your air conditioner. If everything is fine, bring home these devices and call your HVAC specialist to install them right away.

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