Why have moving scams become more common?

Why have moving scams become more common?

Are you moving to a new house? Have you hired a mover and feel relaxed that the experts will take care of your moving process? Well, you must think twice before leaving the reign of your move in the hands of the movers. Yes, the services you trust for making your moving process easy breezy have now become the main source of pain and stress.

MOVING SCAMS are becoming more common with hundreds of Americans losing their hard-earned money to rogue moving companies. Pricing Van Lines, a platform with several credible moving companies (click here for details) associated with it, states that trusting a moving company has become very intimidating for the consumers. The experts also state that this has also affected the situation of credible movers in the market as they are being observed with an eye of doubt.

So, why have moving scams become so common lately? Well, in this post, we have compiled a few reasons why it has become easy to scam the consumers of moving services. We have also compiled a list of tips to help you avoid these scams.

Key reasons for moving scam:

The onus of a moving scam is partly on the company and partly on the consumer. Yes, you too are responsible for a moving scam and here is how.

The need for instant services:

It is common knowledge that we lead a very hectic life. Ur day to day schedules do not allow us enough time to sit back and do enough research about a mover. Honestly, how much time did you spend on your search for a moving company? Not enough, because you do not have enough free time in the first place. The rushed life of consumers have given ample opportunities to rogue moving companies to create a scam.

Desire to get cheap services:

Who does not like it cheap? But cheap is not always worth it. Most of the time, in the current scenario, rogue movers trap naïve consumers by offering a cheaper price quote. Searching for different price quotes and choosing the most affordable one has always been the recommended ordeal. However, when we compare the prices, we pay little or no attention to the quality we are getting or the number of services we are being offered. We become too blind sight with the cheaper price quote that we overlook the credibility of the mover, quality of services and our reasonability to evaluate how moving the quote can be that inexpensive.

Easy entry in the market:

Yes, the moving company market in America offers easy entry to companies. The demand for moving services has always been high and this has attracted a lot of new players into the market. These new players do not join the league with good intentions always. Most of the time, these companies enter the market with an intention to make money in a short time and make it happen by duping the consumers. Although there are restrictions imposed by the regulatory associations on the operations of the moving industry, there are ample ways to overcome these restrictions without adhering to them. This is exactly what moving companies do.

How can you save yourself from a moving scam?

You need to act fast and ensure that you are not falling prey to a moving company that has ill intentions in mind.  Here are a few tips that you need to follow:

Know the company well:

The first thing about finding a credible moving company is to check its background. Just like you do not trust anyone without knowing them first, you must not trust a moving company without checking their track record. Check the company website, read user reviews and know the key details about the company including address, name, and registration and license number.

Know the service:

Always ensure that you are aware of the services you are availing. Ambiguity in services, their terms and conditions and availability of information can be a sign that the company is rogue and do not have any standard operating procedures. You must get enough information about the type of service you are availing to have a clear understanding.

Ask questions:

Make sure you have enough questions to ask to the moving company. What do you offer? How long have you been in operations? Why are your services cheaper? What makes you better than others and more? These questions must be answered by the moving company without any hesitation.

These tips will help you ensure that you have hired a credible moving company. The need for reliable moving services is highest of all times and this is a perfect opportunity for rogue movers to dupe you. However, a little attention of yours can help you avoid a potential scam and ensure that you are working with one of the best moving companies in the market. Have a safe move!

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