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6 stages of “Do you wanna hang out with me, Reigen-san?”

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Songs featured in season five (inspo)

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If the rage comics could see us now

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We in 2018 but this mom living in 2048

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He was the assignment that changed her life. 

Carla Gugino & Antonio Banderas in Spy Kids (2001) dir. Robert Rodriguez

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Despite the goddamn shoulder pain I am enduring, I semi finalized my Tamatoa concept (cosplay concept)

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This is wild.

She had to tell them multiple times! MULTIPLE TIMES! They didn’t take her or her symptoms seriously. It was her insistence that saved her life. Make no mistake, Serena saved her life by advocating for her life.

Midwife here.  Perinatal death happens more to Black women than white women, irrespective of socioeconomic status.  Let me put this another way: more Black pregnant people and people who have just given birth die in this country than white pregnant and postpartum people.  More Black babies are born prematurely and die in this country than white babies.  Why?  Lots of reasons that boil down to systemic racism, including but not limited to provider bias.  More Black people are likely to be denied appropriate pain medication, even in labor.  Again, the studies (thanks, science.) (seriously, or we could listen to what people tell us about their own experience and acknowledge that maybe people are actually the experts about themselves) say that this is because of systemic racism and provider bias.

There have been a number of articles describing how this BS continues to cost Black pregnant and postpartum people their lives, even people like Ms. Williams who are affluent, well-known, and super knowledgeable about their own health.  Make no mistake: this is a problem with the system and with providers; we come in to our work with our own biases (fellow white people, I am looking at us first), and the system teaches and reinforces these biases.  Thank all that is good that clients and families are calling us out on this, and that people like Ms. Williams are advocating for themselves, but this is our problem and work that we need to do.  Let’s learn from Black women leading the way on this.

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I mean, just look at this. When you look up the high poly untextured renders of the heroes, its even more visible. The women are all just copy paste with different hair, while the men have all very different and often very stylized faces.


Wow! Its the Girl from Overwatch!

I don’t play Overwatch but isn’t this lacking quite a few characters?

Yeah. Most notable absences are Mei, Tracer, & Symmetra. It’s possible this graphic was made before Moira was announced, but Mei, Tracer, & Symmetra were starting options (Tracer is literally the only character on the box) and Ana should have been released by the time some of these alternate versions shown would have been seen, but she’s Pharah’s mom so a certain amount of similarity is to be assumed and they may not have felt that was a sensible part of the discussion.

There are also other characters who make the list a lot longer, but some really shouldn’t count for this (Winston is an ape, Bastion and Zenyatta are robots, Roadhog wears a mask at all times, etc) because they don’t quite have human faces anyway.

There may be others I’ve forgotten. Though even with the choices offered, there is a fair bit more difference in the women’s faces than stated.

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