WHAT IS CSGO Prime And Smurf Accounts?

WHAT IS CSGO Prime And Smurf Accounts?

Counter-Strike: Global Offence (CSGO) is an online multiplayer game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. This game is the fourth game released in the Counter-Strike series and can be played in a computer like Windows, Linux, and Mac and gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.  It is a simulation first-person shooter game. In CSGO there are two teams, the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists.

The people in the terrorist group has to defend the hostages from being rescued or plant the bomb. Whereas, The Counter-Terrorist has to either prevent the bomb from being planted if planted then defuse the bomb, or rescue the hostages.

CSGO like any other game gives rewards on winning rounds and extra cash bonuses on killing enemies. It also charges a penalty for uncooperative actions like killing teammates or collision. The CSGO has 5 categories: Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, Danger Zone, and Weapons Course.

CSGO Prime Account

The prime account in CSGO enables Prime Matchmaking which is accessed with other users with the “Prime” feature. It offers people to play with the same ranked members or members who have a Prime account. It eliminates from being matched with bots and cheaters and smurfs and hence enhances your game-playing experience. To access the Prime feature users had to give their verified phone number or email connected to their account. 

CSGO Smurf Account

In CSGO or any other online multiplayer game, smurf is a new account used by a skilled and experienced player so that they could be matched with a lower rank player or players who are new and inexperienced so that they can be defeated easily and they can reap the prizes much easily at the end of the game. The account used by these people is called a smurf account.

Benefits of Prime And Smurfs Account

People normally tend to buy CSGO smurf accounts to defeat the low-ranked people easily and reap the benefits also checking their game-playing skills at the same time. Whereas the Prime account prevents from being matched with a smurf or a bot or a cheater. You get matched with authentic players in authentic ranks.

So, it ensures equal matches and proper gameplay from both sides. Also, if a legitimate player tends to use a prime account, they get better in their gaming skills as they tend to get matched with the legitimate players at the same level or higher.


Both the accounts are equally helpful depending on your requirement. If you need to check on how your gaming skills have improved from the beginning and also have a few easy wins then you might use a smurf account. But make sure you do not use it a lot as it comes under cheating.

Also, if you want to enhance your gameplay skills and have just started playing CSGO then you might go for a prime account as it lessens the probability of you getting matched with smurfs or bots or cheaters. So, depending on your need you can buy or access any of the two accounts.

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