Market trend in Park View City

Market trend in Park View City

Park View City is a superior housing society situated in Zone IV of Islamabad. The housing society has been developed by Vision Group and has been dispersed over a place of 5000 Kanals. The Park View City Islamabad appreciates an array of benefits in regard to place and infrastructural improvement.

The developers of Park View City, Vision Group, is a Pakistani urban improvement conglomerate that has finished and delivered several property projects of crucial importance in Lahore and Karachi. The team is led by Mr. Aleem Khan — a renowned politician and philanthropist of Pakistan. The actual estate marketplace of Islamabad is presently undergoing a significant uplift.

As a result of incumbent government’s building relief package, property market of Islamabad is seeing a huge growth in real estate transactions. According to property experts and seasoned investors, Park View City Islamabad continues to be always in demand along with the current surge in the real estate marketplace has further jumped the need of society.

Park view city has obtained NOC a long time ago. It was later reversed and then reinstated and now again there was news that there are some legal consequences for restoring the NOC. You will never know until NOC recovery 5 marla (most common category) was 3.5 million and when NOC sorted out then price jumped to 5.0 million all of a sudden in Block A & B.

It’s a Politician’s project, therefore some years are more than best for the project, and when the situation or political situations change, politician’s job and assets suffer and in this scenario, if and if this type of situation arises, it is going to be common men and women who may be at the suffering end but probably it won’t occur.

Importantly, Park view city is a competitor to Bahria Enclave with respect to place, infrastructure, and pricewise. However, Park View city starting cost is similar to price which Bahria Enclave has reached after a couple of years. So, it appears to be a fantastic project but too expensive and tricky.

The only allure would have been to oppose this drawback, if the costs were half, that there is high chance that Bahria Enclave housing society and many nearby housing societies will get overlooked!

They are promoting and advertising greatly, more than any other society for example Capital Smart City ever paid and eventually those costs becoming additional up into the cost of the scheme and ultimately paid by the buyer Marketing is under progress digitally and manual. Many famous tv channels like GEO or ARY are also on airing advertisements of PVC housing society. This leads to the better growth of the project.

Whether you should invest in Park View City Islamabad or not?

According to the information given above it is clear that there are some cons in investing in the society but mostly it is beneficial. So, we can safely say that Park View City is the investment worthy project and skyMarketing can help you. All of these facts certainly make it unbelievable appealing for investing with fruitful profit returns, almost as high as double in just few years.


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