On this page, you can see where and what content we find acceptable (or rather: not acceptable). This policy is a work in progress, so check back every once in a while. For questions, drop us a mail

If you need to be absolutely sure that we don’t ban your account accidentally, you need to buy Soup ●UP - only for Soup ●UP users we review each and every spam report either from users or from our spam filter AI manually.

If you are trying to find a loop hole here, then you’re not a normal, private user and your content is likely only suitable for commercial blogs. Don’t risk your website being indexed as being a spam site by ignoring these rules - this is a hole that is difficult to dig out of.

Prohibited on all blogs

  • Copyrighted content that does not constitute “fair use” under Austrian law. this means:
    • You can import your own content only - Soup is not (yet) an RSS reader.
    • If you post copyrighted material, do not post the whole piece of art. Post one image or a quote, and link back to the original.
    • Always credit the author by name and link to the original work
  • Content that is illegal in Austria
    • Anything that glorifies or trivializes Nazi or Nazi-related organisations or crimes.
      Even for content that may not fit this description but has Nazi origins (Images with the Swastika for example), we may get a request from our federal police for any data we have that can identify the posting user which we legally have to comply with.
    • Anything inciting any sort of violence.
    • Anything that incites hate against a protected group of people.
    • Child abuse.
      We proactively report known child abuse material to the police, in which case we will also save and report the ip address and all known information about the user. We will automatically find and report such content in any privacy mode.
    • Violation of personal privacy/doxxing/leaked naked pictures and such.
  • Blog descriptions that use javascript to redirect the visitor.
  • Any sort of javascript trickery that degrades a visitors user experience on soup.io or subvert functionality/exploit our platform

Prohibited on accounts with the privacy status “Everyone” and “Friends only”

  • No promotional content of any kind. This includes link dropping, blogspam, spamdexing, keyword stuffing, advertorials, text spinning, any form of intentional link building or link sculpting
  • No commercial content that is not part of the normal, private use of a microblog
  • No content that is intended to promote or drive traffic to other websites that make money directly or indirectly
  • Low quality content: blogs that contain only a link, posts with unintelligible text, repeat content, slightly varied repeat content, advertorials, hidden links, images with links in them etc
  • Any content with or links leading to spammy content, such as those topics:
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Reputation management (i.e. posting links to multiple social media websites that represent the same user, generic descriptions of a person in third person)
    • Buying followers
    • Any product help or hotline sites
    • Review sites
    • Any businesses
    • Any kind of shops
    • Affiliate links
    • Links to content instead of content itself on other social media platforms
    • “Personal health” websites
    • Prescription drug/medication websites
    • Lawyers, medical professionals etc
    • “Love spell” websites
    • Betting, gambling, poker, casino, …
    • Churches that ask for money/proselytizing
    • Fitness supplements
    • Piracy and software downloads

Ad content

You can only buy ads for blogs or groups that have the “commercial/promotional content” flag set. If you need to convert your existing blog or forgot to mark it yourself at signup, please contact us.

Ad posts are allowed to promote websites, feature products etc. In short, you can post actual ads for actual products. We even have a few tips for you on how to best promote whatever you’re selling. However, even with paid ads, there are rules:

Note: We may unilaterally and without notification remove posts violating these rules.

In severe cases of violation, we may regard that as a breach of contract and terminate your account. Any amount of money you already paid is forfeit and considered a penalty, and your business will not be welcome again. We can notify you and ask you to rectify an issue, but we are under no obligation to do so, especially when the breach is obviously intentional.

  • You can resell posts/ad space on your ad soup to 3rd parties as long as the ads abide by these rules
  • You must have the necessary legal authority for any trademarks used
  • You must not include any form of external banners, javascript or trackers on your ad soup.
  • Ad posts must not blink or move for the purpose of attracting attention. The only movement (e.g. animated gifs, videos etc) allowed is what is necessary to provide better information about your product.
    For example, an animated gif that shows how to use your product is great. An animated gif that moves a text constitutes a clear violation of this policy.
  • Ad posts must not make a sound if there is no intentional user interaction to do so
  • Ad posts must not be low quality content
  • Ad posts musts not be misleading or deceiving in any way - their content must be representative of the product it is advertising. An exception to this rule may be “viral videos” and similar that aim to provide a user experience that is not directly clicking or buying related. If you’re unsure about ad content in this regard, please contact us.
  • Ad posts must not contain links that make use of any kind of “traffic channeling” or redirection.
  • Ad posts must not contain links that lead to different content for each user
  • Ad posts must not have any kind of external tracking
  • Ad posts must not use any sort of external resources beyond what we support with embedding
  • You need our consent (and probably sometimes our support) to post affiliate marketing links - please contact us at ads@soup.io. Without our consent, any affiliate link posted is a violation of this policy.
  • Images, video previews or other media that is immediately visible in ad posts may not be explicit in nature. No naked bodies, no coitus, no babies being run over by a bus.
  • If the destination of your links in ad posts is NSFW (not safe for family or work environments), you must provide a sufficient description of what the user can expect when clicking the link as well as mark the post as NSFW at creation time.
  • Do not use any unlicensed copyrighted content or media in a commercial/ad context

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