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Don’t mention a person’s past mistakes when they are trying to change. That’s like throwing rocks at them while they are struggling to climb a mountain.
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Morrowind food musings in one post:
1) A bowl of saltrice-scuttle with hackle-lo, a kwama egg with wickwheat flatbread, a mug of trama root brew and a seed-paste tart with scrib jelly by @chameleonspell

2) Crab meat and scuttle, (nix-)hound and rat from the Redoran Cooking Secrets

3) Ash yams

4) saltrice cakes filled with comberry, marshmerrow both dried and jellied, comberry jam, Kwama egg and seed paste tarts

5) Marshmerrow pulp and scathecraw seeds on a stick

6) A comberry cake and a marshmerrow tart by @chameleonspell

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my favorite combis

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The Bumblebee Bat – the incredible bumblebee bat is one of the smallest mammal in the world, weighing about the weight of a penny. It is listed in the top 12 most endangered list.

Oh my, this is unbelievably adorable.

[photo of a tiny, fuzzy bat clinging to someone’s finger! its wings are folded up so it can hold on with all four limbs. the bat is less than half the length of the finger!]

there is an actual species of bumblebee in south america that’s larger than this bat, that’s how wee this batty is :3

the sound I made can probably only be heard by bats

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hi new followers and ghouls.. heh.. you guys are the best ..

anyway now that preorders are over I can post my submission “The Last Titan” for the SnK artbook I was in. I’ll be selling the Operation Requiem artbooks at AX! (you can also get them at feyuca and yuumei’s tables), and for any artists in the book you may also pick up your copy from me at I35.

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As it’s Pride month and as I don’t think people realise the Pride flag has been adapted a lot over time (I’ve seen over 20 versions so far). I thought it would be nice to shine a light on a few of the alternative versions of the Pride flag. 

As a community, we should be working together to battle inequality. POC don’t feel part of our community so if having the More Color More Pride flag helps even slightly then please don’t stand in anyone’s way. It’s not replacing the Gilbert flag, just like none of these flags have replaced it. 

Also, just consider this comment I found on FB:
‘The “But we don’t need it because it already represents everyone” complaints sound very much like the straight people who are uncomfortable with the attention we get and try to put on straight pride.’

lets talk about adaptations of lgbt pride flags

better put the fucking leather flag in there

the leather pride flag has been considered a part of the lgbt community because the origin of the leather subculture is tied mainly to gay men. it had existed since around the late 1940′s and was likely part of the post ww2 biker culture.

the first ‘leather clubs’ were predominantely aimed at gay men, opened shortly after the first gay motorcycle clubs (1. guys in leather are hot 2. motorcycle culture is predominantly male = 3. a lot more gay/bi guys are going to be into the scene). the first-claimed european leather bar, tiemersma, significantly helped decriminalizing gay sex acts in that same community, as gayness wasn’t outlawed in it’s country but considered taboo/disgusting enough to scare people from participating in intimate relationships in their own home but it was outlawed outside of private property.

in fact once the government became aware of what went on in these ‘leather bars’, they started sending in cops to arrest random gay men for the act of ‘lewd conduct’ just for visiting a gay establishment.

in short the gay leather community was naturally created due to a shared interest in a lot of gay/bi men (motorcycle culture/men in leather) and the lack of ability to safely call any establishment gay because you’d frequently have cop raids (not to mention straight cis people would raid and beat up places if they heard of establishments with ‘those gays’ - save for maybe gay motorcycle clubs because have you seen hardcore bikers? damn), straight people just hopped on later

Also, Brenda Howard, Mother of Pride, the bi woman that created Pride parades in the first place? She was heavily into the BDSM scene, and was also polyam, and was a huge advocate for both, being one of the major players in sex positive feminism back in the 80s (which, again, is tied heavily to the queer community because of the AIDS crisis)

Those pride flags have been there since the beginning, and are an important part of queer history. Don’t you DARE shit on them because of respectability politics bullshit.

At a protest against the violence being done to gay and bi men in Chechnya, in the streets of a city where people were murdered for the same thing within living memory and were only “pardoned” for their supposed “criminal activity” in the last few decades, leathermen led and helped fund the march.

Mister Leather Austria - “respectably” dressed, if that matters to some people - gave the first speech, voice choked with tears. Tell me he doesn’t fucking belong.

Attempts to “sanitize” the community belong in the garbage.

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